Wednesday, May 4, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1947 - Sept 30 - A day at random

From Mom’s Diary… 1947
Sept 30 - A day at random

Been watching for a day that said… Nice day… Jim played outside… lots of days missing… never happened, so chose this one, to go with photo of Jim, Car, and House

Tuesday, September 30:

Did up usual work. Made 2 apple pies. Had beefsteak. Don W. here for dinner. Cutting fodder. Listened to Yanks beat Dodgers in Series. Did dishes. Did my ironing. Mom & Dad here.
Toots & Mary’s baby girl born at 1:30 A.M. Margaret Ann. …

My comments:

Got in Margaret Ann birth and world series info… a good day! ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Great-great-grandparents lifespans

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun
Great-great-grandparents lifespans

The Randy Seaver challenge this week:

We each have 16 great-great grandparents.  How did their birth and death years vary?  How long were their lifespans? 

My 16 great-great-grandparents are, by ahnentafel number:

16 Joseph Schmitt. (1802 - 1874) he was 72.

17 Beatrix (Elsie) Fad. (1805 - 1886); she was 81.

18 Per Andersson (Pehr)(Peter) Soderstrom. (1819  - 1901) he was 82.

19 Johanna Margreta Rolin.  (1817 - ?).

20 William Charles IV Preston. (1780 - 1837) he was 56.

21 Asenath Butler. (1803  - 1888) she was 85.

22 John Miller.  (1806  - 1888) he was 81.

23 Rebecca Firestone Carle.  (1808  - 1892) she was 84.

24 Walter Watson Kinnick. (1840  - 1919) he was 78.

25 Mary Estelle Simmons.  (1843  - 1909) she was 65.

26 Elias Williams.  (1838 - 1920) he was 82.

27 Ann Eliza Duncan.  (1842  - 1879) she was 37.

28 Anders Christian Sorensen. (1807 - 1886) he was 79.

29 Dorthea Krag. (1808 - ?).

30 Niels Christensen (Kudsk).  (1817 - 1867) he was 49.

31 Maren Kristine Mortensdatter.  (1823 - 1915) she was 92.

The birth years range from 1780 to 1843.

The death years range from 1837 to 1919.

The lifespan range is 37 to 92, with 2 unknown, but likely within that span.

What fun!

Families are Forever! ;-)

From Mom’s Diary… 1947 - August 18 - At the Coon Rapids Pool

From Mom’s Diary… 1947
August 18 - At the Coon Rapids Pool

Karen, Jim, Kay, Kathleen, Bill, Wilson

On August 3rd, Leo’s left off Karen and Kathleen to stay a few weeks while they traveled to Wyoming to see Ira and Delta Kinnick… several reference to two girls and two boys in the house…

Monday, August 18:

Did a big washing. Went in swimming in P.M. Kay, Patty, Wilson went too. At night came home & chored & ate & went to “Ramrod” Veronica Lake, Gary Cooper. Ate at ice cr. parlor & came home.

My comments:

The photo likely from this day, but certainly from the time. Leo’s arrived back the next day at 6:30.

Families are Forever! ;-)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1947 - April 25 - Helping Hands

From Mom’s Diary… 1947
April 25 - Helping Hands
Dennis, Wayne, Wilson, Bill, ?
Charlotte, Kay, Nancy, Donna, ?
Curious coincidence than I'm standing behind Nancy in photo... ;-)

Friday, April 25:

Went to Jefferson with Pete to get two 14 foot maple trees for side front of yard. Got Jim’s hair cut, ate dinner there. Picked up Ramona Magee & Cretsinger girl. Left Pete at home & I went in town to see Jimmie’s proofs. One was pretty good. Home & Pat, Wilson here. Billy rode around square with them. Had lunch here. Bill & I went to Helping H at nite after I set out tomato, cabbage, flower plants & cleaned pantry. At Nancy Bol.

My comments:

Since late December had been very cold, snowy and blizzards. Roads closed many days. At one stretch, Mom said it had been three weeks between seeing her mother!! At one point, she said “that said” worst winter and snows in four years. I January had been subzero for days on end… she had daily temperatures.

I had this photo Helping Hands children’s group from Church. First mentioned last December. This is first mention when seemed to be decent weather. Was apparently a monthly gathering. Many days missing in diary, so I latched on this meeting to share the photo. Meeting was at Nancy Bolger house.

AND, On Wednesday, May 28:

Had snow. Imagine. An awful night for club. Only 4 here. Arlene, Edith, Elaine, Orville.

This was an event I did recall all my life… the May 28th Snow, in Iowa, and Mom hosted club meeting. Was she upset! Nice to see the year confirmed, again.

AND, one more, on my 8th birthday, Tuesday, July 1: 

Had a birthday party for Billy. 21 kids here. They really had a time. ...

Don't remember that, at all. Not aware of any photos. Nice, tho' !!! ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1946 - Nov 28 - Thanksgiving and Buzzy

From Mom’s Diary… 1946
Nov 28 - Thanksgiving and Buzzy
Buzz in Army uniform, on furlough for holiday

Sat, Nov 23: “Buzzy called at 5:00 from home. Surely good to hear him again.”
Sun, Nov 24: “Made 3 cherry pies & went to Leo’s for duck dinner. Really good. Bussy telling us all about the Army. Doing steps etc.”

Thursday, November 28:

Really a nice day. Ironed couch cover, roasted chickens, dressing, cleaned up, made salad - celery pickles, olives, cranberries - set table. Mom bro’t spuds, Lil - chicken. Gertrude - scalloped oysters. Colleen got to come late last nite. She was here for dinner. 17 of us. Took pictures. Had a nice time. All of em stayed for supper. Paul did chores & then came back & ate. To bed at 9:00. Ger’s were last to leave.

Sun, Dec 1: “Buzz & Colleen came & took Billy & me to church. Then they went to Davis’ to dinner.”
Mon, Dec 2: “Cleaned up & Pete & I took Buzzy to Omaha. Nice trip. 1 flat tire just outside Co. Bluffs. … Saw Buzz off at airport at 1:00.”

My comments:

Colleen had gone to college at the University of Iowa, so she was home from school, as well.

Cousin Paul Nielsen was essentially a hired man, with Buzzy off to the Army. Paul had returned from his Army Service in the Pacific, during the war.

Pretty exciting time.

AND, on Dec 1, went to Dennis' 8th Birthday Party... here is photo:
 Donna, Nancy, Kay, ?, ?, Bill, Dennis, Wayne, David; I think! ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1946 - Nov 11 - New School Teacher

From Mom’s Diary… 1946
Nov 11 - New School Teacher
Jessie Shirbroun was new teacher at Willow #3, for my second grade year.

Monday, November 11:

Kinda cloudy in A.M. Did dishes, sep. cleaned up. Pete picked load of corn & then we went to Ger. & Ev. for dinner. Ira, Delda, Uncle Will, Roberts, Lucille, Lil’s, folks & us there. Had such a nice time. Men went to Bayard (26), Coon (0) F. B. game at Coon. Had nice visit. Home at 4:30. Bill had been at Petersons all P.M. Miss Shirbroun sick & let them out. Made pies, put Jim to be at 6:00.

My comments:

First mention of Miss Shirbroun. Busy day. Ira and Delda were Grandpa Paul Kinnick’s uncle and aunt who lived in Cheyenne, Wyo. Uncle Will was from Illinois (brother-in-law of Ira. Robert was Paul’s brother, Lucille his sister, along with Lillian and Gertrude. That was all five siblings!

I had walked a little over half a mile from school to Petersons who lived just north of our farm. They would feed my an apple and a piece of bread with peanut butter on it, for a snack. Memories. They rarely left the farm, for any reason, so were a pretty safe haven for me! ;-)

P.S. on Wednesday, Nov 6: "Bought the Book of Knowledge." I sure remember that. Lots of good reading. I especially like each year when we got the Annual. Practically read it front to back... ;-)

AND, came across this photo of Ira and Delta... same visit, I'm pretty sure... [Actually this may be earlier, but that is them on the left...]

Families are Forever! ;-)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1946 - September 15 - Buzz leaves for Army

From Mom’s Diary… 1946
September 15 - Buzz leaves for Army
Edward (Buzz) Kinnick - Coon Rapids High Grad, 1946

Wednesday, Sept 15:

Cleaned the house. Over to the folks awhile. Pete there putting up hay. At nite Buss came over & took a bath. Told him goodbye. He leaves for Army tonite at 11:00. …

My comments:

In previous days, he said goodbye at Leo’s. “Buss had a nice farewell letter for Leo.”

Also, of note, prior day: “Toots & Mary came to say goodbye to Buzz. They just got hame from big trip out west, south & North to Canada.”

[Note: Mom used Buzz there, instead of Buss.]

Buzz went through Military Intelligence training for several months, then served in Osaka, Japan. He was in the Army for eighteen months as part of occupation forces.

Families are Forever! ;-)